expressions of interest

Incase there is anyone out there still listening and hasn't heard, this event IS HAPPENING. It's on alongside YOW in Melbourne this December 3rd, for details checkout


Please place your name, preferred city and preferred date range here:


Rhys C, Sydney/Melb, Oct-Dec

Mike M, Meh, Oct-Dec

Michael Chandler, Melbourne, Anytime

Richard Banks, Sydney, Anytime

Damian Maclennan, Anywhere, Anytime

Andrew Bienert, Melbourne, Anytime

Gareth Stokes, Sydney, Anytime

Oleg Sakharov, Sydney, Anytime

Heinrich Breedt, Sydney, Anytime

Aaron Powell, Sydney, Anytime

Paul Batum, Sydney, Oct-Dec

Jim Pelletier, Melbourne, Anytime

Neil Campbell, Sydney, 8-15 Nov (I'm already in Sydney on these dates)

Igor Rozenberg, Melbourne, Anytime

Tony Geros, Melbourne, Anytime

Nick Josevski, Melbourne - Anytime, Gold Coast near Tech.Ed dates (8-11 Sep)

Clarence Bakirtzidis, Melbourne - Anytime, except 28th Oct - 14th Nov

Antonio Tirado, Eastern Australia, Anytime, pref 2 days (weekend)

Pawel Pabich, Sydney, Anytime except December and January

Raj Aththanayake, Melbourne, Anytime except December

Adrian McGrath, Perth, Anytime

David Wickens, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney

Mark Harris, Melbourne, Not November

David Miller, Eastern Australia, Oct - Dec

Gareth Marshall, Eastern Australia, Anytime, prefer 2 days

Xerxes Battiwalla, Sydney, late October or mid-late November

Jacob Stanley, Perth, Anytime except Nov/Dec

Krzysztof Ko┼║mic      Brisbane, Gold Coast - after July, preferably mid-spring or later

Steve Burman, Brisbane/Gold Coast, Anytime

Jose Romaniello, Sydney - Nov/Dec

David Burstin, Melbourne, Anytime

Chris Trembearth, Sydney, Anytime

Tarn Barford, Anywhere, Anytime

Colin Scott, Sydney/Melbourne, Anytime

Simon Segal Melbourne, August - early Dec

Mark Harris Melbourne, August - early Dec

Peter Gfader, Sydney, Anytime

Chris Lee, Sydney, Late Nov- Early Dec

Joshua Roth, Sydney, Anytime

Birger Halfmeier, Melbourne or anywhere with an airport, Weekends, as frequently as possible, preferably between early August and very early December